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GRP: \\ N \\ 1
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ fasting
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ xerophagy
Sgm: \\ N \\ 1 \\ famishment
GRP: \\ N \\ 2
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ fast
jour maigre
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ fast day
fast day
banyan day
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ Lent
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ Ramadan
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ spare diet
spare diet
meager diet
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ lenten diet
lenten diet
lenten entertainment
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ soupe maigre
soupe maigre
short commons
Barmecide feast
Sgm: \\ N \\ 2 \\ short rations
short rations
GRP: \\ V \\ 1
Sgm: \\ V \\ 1 \\ fast
perish with hunger
Sgm: \\ V \\ 1 \\ dine with Duke Humphrey
dine with Duke Humphrey
Sgm: \\ V \\ 1 \\ make two bites of a cherry
make two bites of a cherry
GRP: \\ Adj \\ 1
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ lenten
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ unfed
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ starved
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ half-starved
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ fasting
Sgm: \\ Adj \\ 1 \\ hungry
&c. 865

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